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You can't help others until you prove that you can help yourself.

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Why do things the hard way?

Most coaches give up on building their coaching practice in the first 3 years. Why?

I'll tell you why. Because becoming a coach is easy. You just take a course and print some new business cards, and change your online profile. That's it done. Anyone can say they are a coach.

Building a sustainable coaching practice is a different story. First you need prospects that you can convert to clients. The you need to get results consistently to build your reputation as a great coach. Average is not good enough.

To learn what is in this book takes years. Anyone with enough years and persistence can figure this out. You just need 1 or 2 decades and lots of courses under your belt.

I've started 8 businesses throughout my career and only half of these were successful. the others had to be shut down. What a waste of time and energy.

If someone had written a book, like this one, so i could skip some of the failures, where would I be today? Save yourself time and money. Don't make my mistakes. Instead, learn from them.


What Coaches Are Saying about the Book...

“Nagui helped me build my successful practice using the same techniques covered in the book. I highly recommend it.”

Richard Smithe

“So easy to read and follow the concepts and methods presented thanks to the helpful diagrams and formulas.”

Julie Foucher

“It's exactly as claimed. No fuss. No frills. Just practical business building know how. I am so going to hit my targets.
Thank you.”

Tobias Hardy


What’s Inside the Book?

Who Are You?

In order for others to discover you first you need to discover your own Identity. Get clarity about your focus and target audience.

Get More Clients.

Despite what marketers will tell you, it's NOT about having more leads. It's about converting them and keeping them engaged. Learn how.

Deliver Consistency.

Leverage my proven methodologies to ensure you provide consistent quality coaching. Know when to coach and when to educate. 

And What Else Do You Get?

Join our community.

Accessing like minded coaches and sharing experience is only one aspect of the add-ons in this book. Access Nagui directly to ask questions through our private portal.

Business is numbers

As a business you cannot operate and grow without knowing the numbers that impact the bottom line. From Leads and Cost analysis through to Margins and Net Profit.

Get the Checklist

Access additional tools distributed to book members. Access Checklists and Workbooks that will help you stay on track and gain consistent results.

About the Author

Nagui Bihelek

Nagui has started and successfully built several businesses throughout his career. He knows first hand that having a technical and consulting background can often be the achilles heel for coaches starting out. You want to coach but hate the business development. He has learned that it is not about selling. It is all about helping and caring.

Nagui is the founder of AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence coaching an international success.

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